KetoCoffee It Works!

So today I tried the KetoCoffee from it works that I got from a friend who sells it, and now I will share with you my 100% honest opinion.  Also, when you read the package you will see there is 3g of carbs and 2g of protein.  The company claimed it wouldn’t break my fast and raise my blood sugar but I didn’t believe them until I put it to the test.  I took my blood sugar before, 15 minutes after and about 1 hour after; guess what?  My fasting blood sugar only went up by 2 points but I think it was just from being an hour deeper into my fast.  In my opinion (which remember I am not a medical professional), I would say it is KETO APPROVED!



Wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t my favorite either.  You mix it with 6-8 oz so you can guzzle it down pretty fast without a bad taste.


I prepared mine cold which made it a little thick.  I think if I were to add in more water or use hot water the texture would be fine.


The convince of this was my favorite part!  I 100% will be buying a package of this in the future simply for days that making a pot of coffee and using the blender just isn’t in the time frame.  Or for vacations.  If you are into intermitted fasting with bulletproof coffee then these are a MUST for quick mornings.


They are not badly priced for a pack of 15 it is $39.00.  For vacationing and convince they are worth the price.  Or you can get a pack of 4 (60 packets) for $117 which saves you $39!


Looking at the big picture I will be buying a pack in the future, but not for everyday use.  I will mainly be getting these for when I travel or for the days I miss my alarm and making coffee isn’t an option.  On a side note they did upset my stomach for about twenty minutes after I drank it, but it did subside once my stomach settled.



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